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Coach Debbie was honored at the 2017 Florida Association of Marriage and Family Therapists annual state conference as Student of the Year for her doctoral research in adverse childhood experiences, mindfulness, and infant mental health. In addition, she was also highli...

October 14, 2017

Debbie presented her research and facilitated two workshops on Trauma-Informed Care and Mindfulness in Early Childhood education at Palm Beach Atlantic University.

This year for Metal Health Awareness Month we want to take you deeper in mindfulness.

How Does Mindfulness Work? Mindfulness makes actual physical changes to our brains and bodies—and we have the research to prove it:

  • A Fountain of Youth for Our Brains


Begin by bringing your attention into your body

You can close your eyes if that’s comfortable to you

You can notice your body, seated, wherever you’re seated

Feeling the weight of your body, on the chair, on the floor

And take a few deep breaths

And as you take a deep breat...