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2017 Mental Emancipation: Narrative Writing Exercise

It’s time to set yourself free, renew your mind, and build a narrative that brings you joy! It’s time to write and live a narrative that is true to you without comparisons, complaints, or chaotic thinking.

A narrative is your being, byline, brand, and beauty in written form for you to expound upon, reflect on, or simply save as a record. It is intensely personal and simply outlines how you see yourself. It can highlight accomplishments, set guiding steps to achieve your future goals, and even provide a space to ponder the various challenges that you may have endured in your life. It can cover last year or start from the day you were born until present. For each moment in your life, writing a narrative is a way to uplift. So no matter when you start, remember not to focus on right or wrong, just truth.

This exercise can be complete privately right from your own bed, with friends at a “girls night”, or in an individual counseling session with a therapist assisting in the facilitation. To get a free copy of Coach Debbie’s New Year Narrative Outline, email

It’s time for a new narrative! If you struggle with low self-confidence, self-acceptance, or self-sabotage, this can be the moment that you give yourself some TLC and healing.

Your story is the language of freedom!

Shine on & Happy New Year,


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