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#Mindfulness Becoming Proactive, Not Reactive

Embrace each moment. Take it all in! What have you noted and reflected on lately?

Studies have shown that Mindfulness practices increase wellness, self-compassion, and decrease self-deconstruction. Different activities and exercises include mental noting, breathing, or the “note 5 things” exercise.

Mental noting of emotions helps you to identify feelings and thoughts that you want to resist and instead learn to accept them through methods such as breathing exercises.

If you ruminate often or are stuck in your own head- try the following mindfulness activity to reset, center, and balance your brain and behavior.

Notice 5 Things: Noting your Emotions

  1. Pause for a moment

  2. Look around and notice 5 things that you can see

  3. Listen carefully and notice the 5 things that you can hear

  4. Notice 5 things that you can feel in contact with your body

  5. Describe silently or Journal your experience. For example, your description can say, “I feel bored… (calm, anger, etc.).” Whatever your emotion- capture it, write about it, reflect on it, and then decide how you plan to move forward in a way that promotes your harmony and healing.

Try this mindfulness exercise and share your journey with us on Twitter @dmempowers or email Coach Debbie at

Next week Friday, we will share some breathing exercises to help you balance stress.

Peace & Grace to you!

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