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#Mindfulness 15 min. Meditation

Find your meditation posture...

Sitting in a way that’s neither too tight nor too relaxed

But comfortable and upright

Then notice your body from the inside

Noticing the shape and the weight and the touch

And areas you make contact with the floor or the chair

Then you can focus on your breathing

Feeling your breath

In the area of either the abdomen, chest, or nostrils

Feeling the gentle rising and falling of your abdomen or chest

Or the coolness and in and out sensations at your nostrils

So the breath is our anchor

It’s where we establish our awareness

It helps us have something to always return to

This simple act of breathing

Now you might notice that other things pull your attention away from the breath

And that might be sound

So right now, just for a moment

Bring your attention to the sounds

Inside the room

Or outside the room

Simply listening

They might be pleasant sounds, unpleasant sounds

Listen to them with curiosity and interest

Noticing them coming and going

Without getting caught up in a story about what that sound is or why it’s there

Simply listening

Can also notice the sound of silence

And now letting go of this hearing

The listening

Bring your attention into your body

And notice if there are body sensations

To be aware of

There might be pressure or tightness

Or movement or vibration

Or warmth or cold

Or tingling

Notice which sensations call out to you

And let your attention go to them

It might be a very strong and obvious sensation

There might be a soft or subtle sensation

Continue to focus on your breathing

Stay at present, in this moment

Breathe in

Breathe out

Repeat until you are ready to move forward.

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