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THRIVE: iGuide

Harmony, hope, and healing is possible and it begins in community.


The first purpose of this inspirational guide or iGuide is to empower communities of faith to collaborate on mental health education, stop the stigma of mental illness, and bring awareness to the devastating impact of suicide and substance abuse.

Faith communities must have transparent conversations about mental health. Loneliness, alienation, isolation, rejection, and ostracism are powerful emotional forces. Shame only continues in silence. We have to create safe spaces to talk, share, and support each other.

This iGuide will highlight steps for prevention, recovery support, resiliency, wellness, and dispel mental health myths.


It also includes a new poetry art form that Dr. Debbie created for self-care called, “Divine Completion”. It is a 4-line poem structured with syllable count 9,7,9,7. The nine and seven syllable count was intentionally selected to represent a metaphoric essence of completion, creativity, purpose and release through prose.

The second purpose of this iGuide is to serve as a tool to equip therapists as they help people find peace of mind.  Practitioners need to familiarize themselves with the many cultures and faiths represented in their community to strengthen clinical skills and improve therapeutic relationships. Clinicians should be compassionate of diverse cultures and understand their own biases in order to provide the best services to people in their care.

This iGuide is for clergy, layman, parishioners, and the mental health community. Together clergy and therapists can support the whole person to thrive- body, mind, and soul.

Click on the paperclip icon below to download your free copy.

All About the Author: Dr. Debbie

"Let's celebrate your life with positive support, mental health care, and wellness services." - Dr. Debbie, DMFT, LMFT

Experience life in harmony, embrace hope, and find healing with Dr. Debbie, DMFT, LMFT... The time is now to embrace real joy, success, and freedom!


In Dr. Debbie's writings, readers will embark on a holistic journey to unlock their gifts:

  • eliminate fear

  • heal emotional pain

  • forgive shame

  • process disappointment

  •  reset shattered dreams


Dr. Debbie's mission is to empower readers and inspire women to be confident moms, resolve past trauma, and love every inch of themselves- just as they are. Other topics that she writes about includes mental health in the birthing journey, parenting support, redefining work-life-balance, improving relationships, building self-esteem, overcoming grief or loss, maternal wellness, resolving family conflict, and vision discovery.

It is time to repair emotional scars and embrace a passion-centered life at every stage in your journey. Are you ready to be free? Ready to overcome fear? Ready to discover your purpose?

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