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"Freedom awaits your acceptance. Step up on faith and out of the darkness... it's your time to shine!" - Dr. Debbie, DMFT, LMFT 

Miracles don't happen when things are comfortable. The path to a miracle often takes us through uncomfortable territory, heartaches, heartbreaks, depression, and/or mind-numbing pain. The beauty of my counseling experience is that each session is personal. I work and walk with you as you take a hard look in the mirror- realizing that you want change now, knowing that God has better, and then harnessing the internal power to invest in your self-care. Counseling is acknowledging your vulnerability and unlocking the strength to live in harmony, embrace hope and find healing. Your life matters.

You deserve mental health care.
Contact me now. I look forward to working with you.
Shine on,
Dr. Debbie 
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Thank you for contacting Coach Debbie, I look forward to connecting with you. Shine on!

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