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Going Deeper

Please Come Home by Jane Hooper | Please come home. Please come home. Find the place where your feet know where to walk and follow your own trail home. Please some home, please come home into your body, your own vessel, your own earth. Please come home to each and every cell, and fully into the space that surrounds you… please come home.”- Cynthia Bourgeault

Welcome home. Dr. Debbie is going deeper with you in 2023 to awaken wisdom and explore soul care. Are you seeking a deeper intimacy with self and God? Do you need a midwife of the soul? Are you interested in drawing together your three-center base, the foundation of presence, and touch into mystical transformation? Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom (2 Corinthians 3:16-18) and the body apart from the spirit is dead (James 2:26). It’s time to awaken spiritual direction in your mental health care.

Spiritual direction is restoration for the purpose of freedom. Spiritual direction is where grace meets truth. It is surrendering the world that no longer serves you. It’s inner work. It’s growth work. And God is at the center.

Dr. Debbie is currently a student at Dr. Barbara L Peacock Soul Care Institute, and she looks forward to sharing her journey with you. Dr. Debbie will be integrating spiritual disciplines in her clinical work, media, as well as videos on Instagram and YouTube.

Spiritual direction helps people understand themselves, others, and God’s ways. It is concerned with your lived experiences, spiritual theology, and where God is working. It is practiced using images, thoughts, feelings, movement, and the acknowledgement that God is at work in a perfect way.

Spiritual direction is not bible study, counseling, mentoring, coaching, or psychology. It is a calling, a yearning, a hunger to be given to and enveloped by the mystery of God’s loving presence, trusting that His Spirit will guide you in and beyond.

Awakening in intended. All is needed is an inner “yes.”

To learn more, follow @dr.debbie.lmft on Instagram

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