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Pathway to Hope Keynote Speaker- Dr. Debbie

NAMI PBC is excited to announce that they one of the 19 NAMI Affiliates to receive a grant to host their first NAMI Pathways to Hope conference! The focus will be on strengthening partnerships with Black churches in Palm Beach County. Dr. Debbie is the official Keynote Speaker shining light on "Epigenetics: Roots of Trauma & Resilience". To learn more, visit here:

The “Pathways to Hope” conference, part of NAMI FaithNet, aims to bring faith communities, providers, NAMI members and other stakeholders together to reduce the stigma of mental illness; activate and engage communities at the grassroots level to provide support for people impacted by mental health issues; and help people find local resources for better mental health care. The conference will be held August 26-27, 2022, and hosted by the following NAMI State Organizations and Affiliates:

  • NAMI Alaska

  • NAMI Clackamas County, OR

  • NAMI Delaware

  • NAMI IA/NAMI Dubuque, IA

  • NAMI Greater Houston, TX

  • NAMI Kansas

  • NAMI Kent County, MI

  • NAMI Metro Baltimore, MD

  • NAMI Miami Dade County, FL

  • NAMI Mississippi/NAMI Central Mississippi

  • NAMI Nevada (in partnership with NAMI Northern NV & NAMI Southern NV)

  • NAMI North Texas, TX

  • NAMI Palm Beach County, FL

  • NAMI Pinellas County, FL

  • NAMI Sacramento, CA

  • NAMI San Antonio, TX

  • NAMI Ventura County, CA

  • NAMI Washington

  • NAMI Yakima, WA

Workshop sessions will be a mix of pre-recorded national plenary sessions in the mornings with local in-person or virtual workshops in the afternoons. Members of the public can either attend a local NAMI in-person event, join a virtual event or watch the plenary presentations virtually.

This conference is unique for two reasons. First, it is truly grassroots as represented by 19 local NAMIs, who bring a variety of stakeholders together to create change at the community level. Secondly, it is one of the few conferences that highlight the role of faith and spirituality in supporting those with mental health challenges

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