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Welcome: How can I help you?

Welcome to your second chance. I’m Coach Debbie and it is my passion to empower people through tough times in their life. Thank you for visiting my site. Let me introduce myself and share the tools that I use to empower women as highlighted below:

Certified Touchpoints Trainer (Brazelton) Newborn Behavioral Observation (Brazelton) Infant Mental Health Level 1 & 2 (CSC) PREPARE-ENRICH National Facilitator Couple's Communication Facilitator Marriage Counselor/ Mentor (SFACC) Art Therapy with Mindfulness Techniques (CP) Trauma-focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CF-CBT) CF-CBT with Childhood Traumatic Grief (MUSC) SIX SIGMA Yellow Belt Certification (FSC) Play Therapy Techniques (CP) Narrative Therapy Solution Focused Approach (CSC) Diversity & Cultural Competence (CHS & CSC) Wyman’s Teen Outreach Program Child Development (CHS) Calming Children in Crisis (CHS) Bullying and Emotional Intelligence (CHS) Suicide Prevention

BA, Communications (Howard University)

Yet, most importantly, I'm a proud mom and woman of Faith!

My mission is to create an international community where women can gain professional and faith-based support for mental health and wellness.

Your life matters is my message and through my concierge based practice, I meet with women of all ages and backgrounds. I help families where they are- using a variety of outlets that are confidential and flexible for busy families today such as online Video/ Chat, FaceTime, ooVoo, by TeleConference (phone), seminar, or workshop.

How can I help you? Make an appointment today for a free consultation.

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