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Counseling Awareness Month: Emotions + Coaching = Freedom

Emotion moves us and reason guides us.

Emotion is a brain phenomenon that is vastly different from thought. It has its own neurochemical and physiological basis and is a unique language in which the brain speaks.

The limbic system is responsible for basic emotional processes such as fear (LeDoux, 1996). The emotional brain enhances decision making by rapidly reducing the options that one can consider. Additionally, our different memory systems can sometimes cause problems when they don't communicate, yet the resolution of trauma involves integrating these two memory systems (Vander Kolk, 1993).

The resolution to the dilemma of our emotionality lies in constantly making sense of our experience for ourselves (Greenberg, 2001). We paint the picture of our lives and get to live in full color!

Psychotherapy is art. Between the canvas of your mind, an Emotion Coach helps identify passion, differentiate what you feel from what others feel, synthesizes contradictory emotions, uses emotions as information, articulates feelings in words or symbols, uses emotion to facilitate thinking, develop knowledge, and create space to reflect.

My profession is the Emotional Arts and I live this out each day as a Women's Wellness Coach. My goal is to help women and children reframe problems in a positive manner. Together, we focus on solutions and emotional freedom!

For Counseling Awareness Month, contact me for your free initial emotion coaching session today:

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