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Birth Equity in Family Therapy Toolkit

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Nearly 700 women die in the U.S. each year as a result of pregnancy or its complications (Petersen, et al., 2019).

Pregnancy-related deaths are deaths that occur within one year of pregnancy. According to Peterson (2019), approximately one third occur during pregnancy, over 56% occur during labor or within the first week postpartum, and another 13% occur between six weeks and one year, highlighting the importance of quality and accessible integrated, IMH-informed health care beyond the period of pregnancy. Moreover, racially equitable and culturally responsive care needs to be addressed as Black women have disproportionately high rates of maternal mortality and morbidity.

Therapists can serve here and be change agents in birth care. This toolkit is an introductory guide to maternal and infant mental health (IMH) care in support of a whole life view. It begins with a review on core concepts in IMH such as intergenerational trauma, social and emotional wellness, early intervention and prevention.

Next, the toolkit spotlights professionals in academia and community leaders to learn from and connect with for training, curriculum development, or consultation. Lastly, it includes a curated booklist on culturally attuned clinical care and a special section celebrating trailblazers in the field who are paving the way for birth equity in America.

Download your copy today and tweet @dmempowers on how you will use it and join the #MomsLikeMe Revolution!

Birth Equity for Family Therapists Guide by Debbie Manigat
Download • 778.23MB

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