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Part 1- Mental Health & the Church

Dr. John Draper, Project Director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, states that spirituality is the number one factor in supporting the prevention of suicide or aiding recovery from substance abuse. Moreover, in times of distress, mental crisis, or emotional uncertainty, many look to their church or faith-based organization for spiritual guidance. Yet, when churchgoers are unable to find mental health care in their own churches or communities of faith- they feel isolated, lonely, misunderstood, and judged (Smietana, 2014). The asylum churchgoers seek spiritual respite suffers from stigma, poor or no training, and lack of awareness about mental health (Smietana, 2014). As a family therapist and mental health advocate, this presents a landscape of opportunity for learning and advocacy on what soul care looks like as well as provide psychoeducation on mental health in faith-based organizations to reduce stigma. This information will be presented at this conference in support of the social and emotional development of families, helping families and churches navigate the mental health care system, and help us all find answers to suicide prevention.

Register Today: "State of Spirituality & Mental Wellness"

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