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Mindfulness to Resolve Challenges

You can use this practice to work with difficult emotions or body sensations

Find a posture that's comfortable to you

And then check inside your body and try to locate a part of your body that feels good to you right now

Pleasant, safe, at ease,

Or at the very least, neutral

You can check out your hands or feet or legs

But let your attention go to this pleasant part of your body

Hands or feet or wherever you've chosen

And let your attention rest there

Feel it

Sense it

Notice what those sensations are

Let your mind relax a bit

Feeling that part of the body

And now if there's something challenging that's happening for you

A difficult emotion, or a physical sensation that's hard

Let your attention go to that

So it may be an aching in your shoulder or back

Or a headache

Or it could be a sense of sadness

Or anxiety

Or anger

Where do you feel that sensation in your body

Where do you feel that emotion in your body

Notice it

Just notice it for one moment

Tap into it

Feel it

Make sure to breathe

And now return your attention back down to that area that feels at ease

Your hands or feet or legs

And just let yourself stay there for a moment

Feeling it sensing it

Relaxing. maintaining the mindfulness

Yet giving yourself a break from what could be potentially overwhelming to feel

And now once again return your attention to that part of the body that feels unpleasant

The body ache or pain

Or the emotion the sensations of the emotion in your body

The vibrations in your chest

Or the clenching in your belly

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