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Soul Care with Dr. Barbara Peacock

In 2021, Dr. Debbie's pastor recommended that she read, "Soul Care in African American Practice" by Dr. Barbara Peacock. It is an award winning book focused on cultivating spiritual disciplines such as prayer, meditation, fasting, solitude, discernment, and seeing God actively in your life.

On a girls trip to Hawaii, Dr. Debbie completed the book and was awakened to this sacred space that she believes can bring forth breakthroughs in the healing of people. Her heart was filled with joy and a yearning to learn more and subsequently, she reached out to the author to inquire if she would consider being her Spiritual Director, Dr. Peacock accepted! Thus, the journey of soul care begins...

Spiritual direction is an ancient form of care that contributes to the spiritual formation of individuals and addresses the whole being. Spiritual direction is regular guidance offered to help another to ‘grow up’ into Christ (Ephesians 4:14-16). Spiritual direction is central to discipleship as charged by Jesus (Matthew 28:19) and acknowledges God as the ultimate Director. Soul care is a time of transformation and transition.

All in all, Dr. Debbie is excited to add this area of support to her services. She hosted a Soul Care small group in May to celebrate Mental Health Awareness month and it featured the renowned author, Dr. Barbara Peacock.

Dr. Debbie She begins her journey in September 2022 to earn a certificate in Spiritual Direction. To learn more and explore soul care, visit Peacock Soul Care | Experiencing the Deeper Journey Together or

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