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We Gather Understanding

Pause & Reflect: The soul is aborted a thousand times a day. – Eckhart


We come to hear from the Holy Spirit.

We come to listen for the direction of the Holy Spirit.

We come to a sacred space to open our souls to God in prayer.

We gather to encounter God in an extraordinary way.

We gather to apply to your heart instruction and your ear to words of knowledge (Proverbs 23:12).

Soul care or spiritual direction is different from self-care. Soul care is returning to abide in Christ. There is a different between consuming something for self-care and returning back to something for Christ.

Spiritual direction was born from our ancestors, our desert mothers, and fathers from 300 AD in Northern Africa. It is a birthing process of soul care- the dark and seemingly chaotic, transitions, greatest discomforts are faced with spiritual midwife (spiritual director) and God. We look at the patterns of behavior as a broken manifestation of the thing that we sense and see as a part of the whole. This means layering transitions in several aspects of your life. Transitions can be a time of surprises, missed signs, and unexpected turns.

Spiritual direction is a ministry of compassionate presence for the journey and soul care is a vocation rooted in guidance-bearing. Eckhart presents us with the image of God so filled with love hat He is repeatedly born in the empty, welcoming space of the soul (p99).

What do you sense and see?

What has been seen cannot be unseen- what is known cannot be unknown.

We are born of divine love, to bring light into the world.

Bring forth your light.

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