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Spirit Work = Gut Work

Out of my belly shall flow rivers of living water. - Prospa Ochimana

Spirit = alive, mystical, power, unexplainable, light

We are a spirit having a physical experience. We can feel it in our gut.

Our intuition tells us we are more. That God has a plan so much bigger than we can see, but we know it is flowing because His words are true.

God’s words have substance, weight, and are food for our soul. We may not see the molecules, but they are there and mightily moving in purpose and direction.

When He speaks the waves have to obey, the world comes into formation.

Explore these affirmations to center your mindset on spirit work:

“When I speak it’s possible. When I speak dead things live. When I speak,

my soul will be restored. When I speak your children will return home. When I speak, I will turn it around. When I speak, I heal that heart that is broken. When I speak you shall be delivered, healed and set free. When I speak that door that needs to be closed shall be closed. When I speak that door you’ve been praying for shall open. When I speak, demons tremble. When I speak poverty must go. When I speak, souls will be saved, when When I speak, I will wipe away the tears. When I speak, joy comes in the

morning, when I speak, all pain will be go, no weapon, shall proper. When I speak, you’ll lay a foundation. I speak, the windows of heaven shall open up and I shall have a blessing more than you can handle it. Focus. When I speak, I will win. – The Incomparable Dr. Juanita Smith

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