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Wisdom Way of Knowing

Did you know that wisdom is a portal, a technology? Wisdom is a system of knowing. The technology operates through mediation, centering prayer, chant, lectio divina, etc. For example, chant does through sound what silence does in meditation or centering prayer.

Wisdom makes use of an ancient body of knowledge about the physiology of spiritual transformation and a methodology for increasing our “receptivity to higher meaning”. Reflective of the trinity, human begins are three centered (three brained) and wisdom way of knowing goes beyond one’s mind, one’s rational understanding, and embraces the whole person: mind, heart, and body.

The tools of wisdom are being awake in all three centers- intellectual, emotional, and movement. That is the center of your being, it is resting in presence.

There are 3 ways of knowing.

The emotional center is the heart center. The heart is an organ of spiritual perception for divine perception, a bridge between our mind and body. In this center we have the capacity to explore and receive information from the world through empathetic entrainment (a temporal locking process in which one system's motion or signal frequency entrains the frequency of another system). This is our energy center where you begin to perceive things from the inside by matching your vibrations with their vibrations. We channel this way of learning through meditation, prayer, chant, lection divina.

The moving center is intelligence through movement. The body carries in and through the moving center what is called, “first force holy affirming”. This is the capacity to initiate and to bring in information that gets the journey started and sends it forward. The body carries the language of understanding the transformational cues that the head miss time and time again. It is a reservoir of connectivity and information with the world. It also has two subsets: (1) instinctive which regulates the operational systems of the body and (2) Moving venter proper which engages outward and voluntary interactions with the physical world through our five senses as well as movement and rhythm. Using the movement center, we are able to walk the path of sensation which takes us closer to where we’re yearning to get than almost anything else.

The intellectual center is an intensely useful tool for exploring and navigating the world, and it allows us to do things that separate us from the rest of the animals. The intellectual center is the mind. It runs on perception through separation. It’s an impressive and repetitive separating, evaluating, and measuring tool. But it can’t “do” because of the limitations built into its operating system. It can’t ask two questions:

“Who am I, and who is God?”

“God is always speaking to us. It’s just how are we tuning our ear to the frequency of His voice. “ – Dr. Kim

We need to tune our thoughts to the right frequency to gain wholeness. Cynthia Bourgeault imagines it vividly, “I have sometimes said that doing the journey toward mystical union with the mind is like trying to play the violin with a chainsaw. It’s not that the chainsaw is bad, but its nature is to cut and separate, not make music.”

We need our conscience. Consciousness is the eye of the heart, it helps us perceive love, oneness, compassion.

When you learn how to pay attention, you’re energizing in a sense, a situation- and you become a part of a living flow of meaning within it. Then the universe bursts into color and you fall in love with the whole planet. And you discover the small and piety things are amazing. We need emotion. We need movement. We need wisdom.

“Wisdom is not knowing more, but knowing with more of you, knowing deeper, carving and digging your being deeper and deeper so that it can receive more knowing.” Cynthia Bourgeault

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