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Doors of Perception

There must be spiritual surgery on the psyche of the oppressed.

How do you differentiate and process wellness? How do you recognize and heal from trauma?

Open yourself up to feel, think, and do differently.

We are born of divine love, to bring light into the world.

When you are dysregulated, you shut down your prefrontal cortex.

When you have been scared by life, a scab is molded to guard your heart.

Allow our savior to do that gentle heart surgery.

There’s this beautiful space where God opens his goodness in contemplative practice.

God heals us of trauma in a multitude of ways within and without the confines of the church.

Allow God to do surgery on you. Allow our Savior to do that gentle heart surgery He is so good at. Clarify where you are and go deeper.

Remember, we are not granted a waiver out of our suffering. Abiding includes feeling the harder emotions. Allow our creator to do the gentle type of heart care.

Abiding in God is a vulnerable space of complete rest.

Abiding gives time for imagination of abundant life. More than you can see, sense, or imagine.

“The moment of enlightenment is when a person’s dreams of possibilities becomes images of probabilities.” - Vic Braden

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