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#Mindfulness The Art of Being Present.

Let’s reflect.

How much time out of the day do you feel out of control, overwhelmed, or stressed?

When you feel stressed out- how does stress manifest in you? Do you experience it physiologically- like tightness in your throat, rapid heartbeat, or sweating? What about behaviorally- such as crying or yelling? Then, there’s emotionally- feelings of sadness, depression, anger? Do you experience cognitive shifts like negative thinking patterns? Or maybe you experience a combination of the above?

Now affirm all of your thoughts and welcome mindfulness, a therapeutic tool that can help facilitate a sense of peace, freedom, and balance.

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in daily life. It’s about concentrating your attention and training your mind to be more focused, effective, and skillful in everyday life. It is not about emptying your mind. It’s not about trying to make something happen. It’s about being.

It’s an awareness without judgement or contemplation. It’s accepting who you are, where you are, and simply noticing yourself in the present without worry or strife. It’s an awareness that help you to see your pure or true self with no filter. The awareness that this practice unlocks is central to mindfulness because becoming aware of what is distressing you and how stress affects you is actually the beginning of stress management. See- you got it!

Now, let's go deeper. Let’s find harmony, hope, and healing together. Coach Debbie presents this mindfulness series to empower and free you! Join us each Monday for the month of February 2017 for therapeutic tips and tools on #Mindfulness.

Your life matters.

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